Our Services

Our Turnkey Offering

30 – 40% Cost Savings over Niger Delta Benchmark

Other benefits include:

Lowest life-cycle cost and rapid well delivery, boosting production output in record time at minimal risk.

Eliminate financial losses due to excess project materials inventory.

Delayed need for workover/re-entry, due to optimized well design.

We agree KPIs with client and act as clients’ wells team.

We implement our cutting edge process to plan wells, establish supply chain & logistics systems through to well delivery.

Provide ongoing wells support to client as required.

Benefits to clients

Client avoids overhead costs associated with the cyclic nature of drilling.

Highly qualified expertise handling clients project from start to finish.

We leverage our global expertise to identify appropriate well concepts to satisfy subsurface requirements.

Milestone payment, simplifies clients’ cashflow.

Our Project Management Offering

Transfer Technology to Existing Team

Other benefits include:

Optimize Clients Resources

Client staff involvement, imply transfer of expertise from our team to clients’.

Optimise clients’ resources for well delivery.

We represent the client as the wells team.

Plan wells, use client’s existing supply chain & logistics systems.

Embed clients’ existing team into our team

Complete Wells & data.

Benefit to Clients:

We mentor & transfer technology to clients’ personnel

Client’s personnel part of every well delivery process.

IPM fee & consultants’ fees payment, simplifies clients’ cashflow