Eremor Field Development Project




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Project Management

2 Weeks

Eremor Oil Production Field



Excel Exploration & Production Limited

Project Summary


Excel Exploration & Production Limited tasked H-PTP Energy Services Limited with the planning and development of two (2) wells in their oil-producing field Eremor. This project was executed as a project management operation by H-PTP Energy Services Limited.

Problem Statement

Excel B&P aimed to develop two development wells (Eremor-5 & Eremor-6) targeting the D3.0 reservoirs. These wells were required to be designed as minimalistic as possible and were to be delivered under their approved AFE cost within a defined duration.


After detailed technical review with Excel E&P, the common consensus emphasized the need to achieve the flowing objective

  • Drill to the specified total Depth, penetrating the objective subsurface targets.
  • Ensure adequate subsurface data acquisition consisting of the LWD
  • Complete the well as an oil producer with an ECP & TRSCSSSV
  • Deliver the Eremo-5 & 6 wells without any accidents or high-potential incidents

Delivery Requirements

  • Zero harm to people
  • Zero harm to the environment
  • Zero regulatory breaches
  • Maximize hydrocarbon recovery at minimum cost

H-PTP Solution

Eremor-5 & 6 were planned to be drilled with the most cost-effective and efficient approach designed to ensure minimal operational setbacks and delays. Both wells were designed as a 2-string slim well and were planned to be drilled to an average depth of 7600ft MDRT.

Eremor-5 & 6 were developed using the OES Integrity rig.

Key Achievements

⚬ Drilled both wells successfully to their target depth

⚬ No tool was lost or stuck in hole

⚬ No wellbore collapse or lost hole incident occurred during the campaign

⚬ Achieved less than 15% NPT during the project

⚬ Successfully fulfilled all the data acquisition requirements

⚬ Lateral sections were placed effectively in the D3.0 sands meeting all Reservoir and Production Engineering objectives

⚬ All HSE KPIs were met (FAT, LTI, RWC)

⚬ All casing and completions accessories were run successfully to bottom

⚬ No significant labour and community issue occurred during the campaign