Otakikpo Field Development Project




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Turnkey Well Delivery

36 Weeks

Otakikpo Oil Development Field



Green Energy International Limited

Project Summary


In 2021, H-PTP Energy Services Limited was awarded a two (2) wells project management contract by Green Energy / Lekoil JV (OML 11). The scope of the contract included the design, planning and execution of two (2) development wells on the Otakikpo field. Otakikpo is in the prolific Niger Delta basin within the Coastal Swamp Depobelt in Eastern Niger Delta.

Problem Statement

Green Energy/Lekoil JV set out to drill two wells in their oil-producing field Otakikpo. These wells were to be developed to produce from 4 reservoirs within the field; C6000, C7000 and E1000. They were to be developed to ensure maximum production from these reservoirs at minimum AFE cost.


During the Otakikpo campaign, H-PTP Energy Services Limited was committed to achieving the following objectives

  • Drilling both wells successfully to TD, penetrating their target reservoirs
  • Completing both wells as a dual string system with IGP for stability and sand control
  • Deliver Otakikpo wells well without any accidents or high-potential incidents

Delivery Requirements

  • Zero harm to personnel and environment
  • Zero regulatory breaches
  • Maximum hydrocarbon delivery at minimum cost

H-PTP Solution

The concepts selected for the Otakikpo wells were driven by value creation analysis and a screening criterion consisting of HSE, cost, maximizing UR, installation complexity, operability & maintainability and technology maturity. Otakikpo-4 & 5 wells were planned to be a deviated well that penetrates their target reservoirs. They were planned to be completed as a dual string tubing system with gravel packing for wellbore stability and sand control. Both wells were planned to be drilled and completed within 103 days. The two wells were drilled to an average depth of 11,400ft MDRT. KCA Deutag (T-26) rig was used during the well development process.

Key Achievements

⚬ A total of 372,253 manhours was recorded without any incident

⚬ Both wells were successfully drilled and completed as oil producers

⚬ No stuck pipe or lost tool incident recorded

⚬ Both wells were drilled to their target depths successfully

⚬ All casing and completions accessories were run to bottom

⚬ Safely completed the Otakikpo campaign without any labour or community issue