Ibigwe Field Development Project




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Turnkey Well Delivery

36 Weeks

Ibigwe Oil Development Field



Waltersmith Petroman Oil Limited

Project Summary


H-PTP Energy Services Ltd was engaged in 2021 to provide Well Engineering professional and project management services to Waltersmith Petroman Oil and Gas (Client/Operator). The support services are to be proffered in the design, planning and execution of Ibigwe field development work program. The scope of services includes the provision of technical expertise for the design, planning and implementation of drilling operations and the minimum staffing requirements to plan, drill and complete the planned development wells.

Problem Statement

Waltersmith Petroman Oil Limited set out on a campaign to drill new wells in their oil field Ibigwe. These wells were targeted towards 3 existing producing reservoirs, with the prospects of appraising 4 more.


The objective of the Waltersmith campaign was to drill and complete 3 wells; an appraisal well (Ibigwe-13) and two development wells (Ibigwe-14 and Ibgwe-15).

H-PTP was committed to delivering the wells safely under the approved AFE cost and planned days. The following objectives were laid out to be achieved.

  • Drill to the specified TD, penetrating the subsurface targets within the stated tolerances defined in the planned hole size
  • Fulfil the data acquisition programme consisting of LWD and mud logging
  • Appraise the prospects of the D2.0, D4.0, D4.1 and D4.2 reservoirs (Ibigwe-13)
  • Complete the well as an oil producer
  • Deliver the programmed work scope within the approved AFE cost and duration
  • Achieve less than 15% overall Non-Productive Time
  • Achieve less than 5% Non-Productive Time for Drilling Contractor
  • Deliver the planned work scope without any accidents, high-potential incidents, or uncontrolled discharges to the environment
  • Maintain technical and operational integrity by complying with the applicable statutory regulations, legislative requirements and the governing company documentation at all times.

Delivery Requirements

  • Zero harm to personnel and environment
  • Zero regulatory breaches
  • Maximum hydrocarbon delivery at minimum cost

H-PTP Solution

A two-string horizontal well design was selected to be executed as the plan for the 3 wells. The planned AFE cost for the construction of the wells was $29.6 million with the project expected to last for a maximum of 107 days. All 3 wells were planned to be drilled to an average of 9300ft MDRT.

The 3 wells were drilled successfully to their target depth and the last 2 wells (Ibigwe-14 & Ibigwe-15) were completed. Ibigwe-14 was completed as a Two String Multiple (TSM) well with an ESS across its target reservoirs for sand control. Ibigwe-15 was completed as a Two String Dual (TSD) well with an ESS and standalone screen across its two reservoirs for sand control. These wells were drilled using ACME rig 5.

Key Achievements

⚬ All 3 wells were drilled successfully to their planned target depths

⚬ Ibigwe-14 and Ibigwe-15 were completed successfully

⚬ The wells were delivered without any accidents or uncontrolled discharge to the environment

⚬ All HSE KPIs (FAT, LTI, RWC) were met

⚬ All technical and operational integrity standards were complied with throughout the campaign